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Documenting Curtain Walls

Hi All,

Some of you may be aware that the routine that started ARUtils was ARLegend. Door and Window schedules were a time consuming task until ARLegend came along.

Unfortunately there was a large hole that ARLegend did not address, Curtain Walls. Curtain walls are just not the same as other families; whilst they have an associated type, they can have extra grid lines and mullions added and changed and this made it impossible for ARLegend to address.

To accurately document a Curtain Wall requires a different approach where you have to create elevations and plans for each curtain wall, add dimensions, add tags, put them on sheets. Ideally you would have associated view types to enable grouping of these views as well as having view templates applied to the views.

It’s easy to put that into a few words but the time required is significant, and exceptionally tedious. No wonder workflows and guidelines are sometimes not followed by staff; just having them name views correctly can seem a major victory.

Finally that process has been streamlined with ARCurtain Wall Legend (2016 Onwards).

ARCurtain Wall Legend will create plan and elevation views of all your curtain walls, dimension them, tag them (with Revit tags) and then lay them out on sheets. View types and view templates will be created and assigned to make further management just that little bit easier.

Views as created by ARCurtain Wall Legend. Done with a single click.

The ARCurtain Wall Legend interface

Note: ARCurtain Wall Legend is available in Revit 2016 onwards. Best results are achieved in 2017 onwards.

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