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Revit Project Health - Check and Correct

Hi All,

with health something we are all thinking about, ARUtils has added a new routine to do a “Health Check” on your project files.

Many of you would know that ARUtils has always had many routines that address various project faults:

  • too many single use groups

  • too many views not actually used on sheets

  • too many Imports

  • missing Type Marks on family types

  • overly large families

  • lots of individually overridden elements or categories

  • and so on.

Visual Feedback:

With the new Health Check routine you get immediate visual feedback as to which areas of your project need attention.

From what I have been able to determine there are not many routines out there that do this sort of thing. I could of course be wrong.

Health Check Settings – User Defined and Multiple Definitions

A big issue is that we all work differently – so your issues and my issues could vary greatly. Fortunately the “Health Checker” lets you define what’s important to you.

You can define a specific number of Imports that you consider to be an issue. Alternatively you could specify that a certain percent of total elements defines how many imports are acceptable. Alternatively you can just say you are not interested in Imports. This is all user definable. You can also have multiple definitions for different types of files. It is entirely up to you.

Fixing the problems

OK, so now we know what’s wrong / right with a project. So now you have to find some way of correcting the issues. Great! That won’t take long at all!

Of course that is also addressed.

As you can see the full dialog provides direct access to routines (many of them previously in ARUtils, some of them new) that will help quickly resolve the issues that have been identified.

Multi Project Health Check

Of course you can do a check, and even an audit, on multiple project files. Even the issue level is colour represented in the resultant Excel report.

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