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Automating the Excruciating - Out of Hours

Hi All,

With Christmas fast approaching clients suddenly decide that they must start their projects (after all it’s a quiet time of the year) and yes they would prefer it finished before everyone comes back in the New Year; After all what BIMmer doesn’t want to spend the festive season working while colleagues are out for a long lunch, or better yet working late while others are already at home!

I have to admit I did such things during my career, however as one gets more sensible you work out ways to minimise the need for such late night vigils.

ARUtils helps mitigate the need for these late night sessions via “Out of Hours”. As the name implies this routine will work “Out of Hours”; you can set this running as you walk out the door, or schedule it to start late at night, and be certain that come dawn the work will be done.

With a comprehensive collection of management processes “Out of Hours” will take care of:

  • Project backups, audits, compression

  • Export of DWGs, PDFs, IFCs

  • Printing

  • Export of family views to DWGs

  • Updating parameters in projects

  • Deleting Views

  • And anything else you would care to request

Creating the scripts is simplified via the built-in wizard and makes it easy for you to script the most common tasks.

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