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About Us

Andreas Ricke, the founder of AR Software Solutions, is by and large "a lazy person". I mean that in the best possible way.


After he has pressed the same 5 buttons 5 times, with the prospect that he will need to do this 20 times more today, or a 1000 times more over the next few years, he will stop and think, at least that what he says he is doing. It looks an awful lot like napping to me. The result though is that usually he will take that 5 button press and turn it into a one button press.


Over the years that 5 button press has been substituted for increasingly complex tasks requiring advanced .Net programming skills. Having been Bates Smart's National CAD / BIM manager (with a good dose of IT manager thrown in) for over 23 years, and responsible for a staff of over 300, he is very familiar with the challenges of large projects. "I want staff to focus on designing and solving problems, not pressing buttons," Andreas says.


Whilst the BIM approach of Revit addresses many large project issues it also creates many new challenges. Navigating projects with 100s of sheets and 1000s of views, maintaining standards, inducting new team members, and so much more, it is important to make all aspects of the Revit project easily accessible.

ARUtils and Head of the Family are in direct response to these challenges.


Andreas Ricke
BArch (Hons) Melbourne University 1984


WorK History: Hames Sharley, Bates Smart, Geyer Design, ARM Architecture


Projects: Crown Casino, Federation Square, Fresh Water Place, New Royal Children's Hospital, Alfred Hospital, Ballarat Base Hospital, Melbourne Central, Coronial Services Victoria, Raheen,etc


software: AutoCAD, Revit, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite

languages: VBA, VBS, VB.Net

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