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ARUtils - What's it all about


ARUtils - TimeTracker

ARUtils-TimeTracker enables a user or manager to keep track of time spent in projects. Once enabled all time spent in Revit is logged to a central location.


ARUtils-TimeTracker-Analyse then allows collected data to be collated on a user by user, day by day, week by week, or a total time spent basis. The routine can be command line driven to allow the routine to be run as a scheduled task.

ARUtils - User

ARUtils-User focuses on routines that an average user would use day to day. Some of the commands available in ARUtils-User are:

  • Find families on disk

  • Find items in your project

  • Select items by parameter values

  • Easily create a section view along a wall

  • Create a section boxed 3D of selected items

  • Place elevations on sheets

  • Isolate elements by workset, copy monitor status, inplace families

  • Colour items based on parameter values

  • Displace 3D elements by level

  • Change text case of project items

  • Tag wall finishes in plans

  • Apply wall tape based on parameter values

  • Create text following curves or in 3D

  • Use site tools to align sites to floors, or floors to site

  • Batch renumber items. Doors, Windows, Rooms, etc.

  • Dimension along or across walls

  • Export schedules to file

  • Print to named PDFs

  • Export to named DWG files

  • Open sets of Worksets

  • Find keynotes

  • Delete revision clouds

  • Manage Shortcuts

  • Use User defined help

ARUtils - Workshared User

ARUtils-Workshared User has all the feature of ARUtils - User but adds Revision monitoring.


As a user changes an element it is time stamped and user stamped. Easily see who has changed what and when they changed it. Use filters to highlight items modified since the last document issue.

ARUtils - Leader

ARUtils-Leader  has all the feature of ARUtils - Workshared User but adds many extra routines that the project Leader will need to ensure model integrity.


ARUtils-Leader adds:

  • Sheet viewport Manager. Align viewports, add legends, duplicate sheets

  • ARLegend - Create doors, window, and any other type of legend (schedule)

  • ARCurtainWall Legend - Create curtain wall legends

  • View filter manager. Manage view filters in your project

  • Parameter view creator. Isolate items in a view based on parameter values

  • Duplicate view details. Easily apply complex view modifications to another view

  • Assign Room Finishes. Create and assign parameters to rooms to allow for easy scheduling of finishes applied to a room

  • Concrete setout points. Tag setout point of concrete (or other) items. Easily schedule these points

  • Room / Area Masses. Present your project based on transparent volumes of your rooms or masses.

  • Import / Export. Round trip data with Excel for MAterials, Walls, Categories, Line/Fill patterns, Rooms, Anything

  • Formatted import/export. Present highly formatted schedules in Excel. Highlight changed items.

  • Room Views and Data Sheet. Document all your rooms. Create plans, RCP, elevations, 3Ds, schedules and sheets. All at the press of a button!

  • Scope Box Views. Create views related to your scope boxes

  • Ghost families. Schedule families without actually placing the families

  • Family reload. Easily reload families when they are changed on disk

  • Parameter manager. Add, Remove, and update parameters in your project and project families

  • Key Parameter Cloner

  • Imports Manager. Manage imports within your project. Easily find/delete that DWG

  • Revit File Versions. Update all your Revit projects. Check which version of Revit was used to create a project or family file.

  • Out of Hours - Script processes to work out of hours. Audit, compress, or backup a project when no one is in the office.

  • View cleanup - Delete views quickly and easily

  • Reference plane cleanup

  • Design option finder

  • Group Manager

  • Level Deleter / Mover - Easily move items from one level to another

  • Check and correct performance issues

  • Check and correct Health issues

  • and many more

ARUtils - Head of the Family

ARUtils-Head of the Family has all the features of ARUtils-Leader and adds family management.

With ARUtils-Head of the Family you can easily manage all your families and:

  • Generate consistent 3D / 2D preview icons

  • List family categories, sub categories, types, parameters, etc.

  • Update sub category settings and move items between subcategories

  • Delete, Rename and redefine Materials

  • Add parameters / shared parameters

  • Rename or replace parameters to ANZRS (or your) standards

  • Set parameter values. Useful for versioning or branding.

  • Update text styles and text style names

  • Rename nested families and types. Save nested families to disk.

  • Prefix files with the family category (user defined)

  • Isolate files that contain imported dwg files

  • Process the current file (useful for testing)

  • Check files for non-compliance with best practices

  • Control family parameter values on a one by one basis with Excel list

  • Update complex materials from a seed file

  • Create views based on a seed file

  • Check the health of multiple project files

No idea what ARUtils is all about? Check out this video to learn more

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