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Subscription/Maintenance for ARUtils

ARUtils licenses never expire however to keep enjoying the latest routines and bug fixes and run ARUtils in new Revit releases you need subscription / maintenance.


12 Months subscription / maintenance is included when you purchase an ARUtils license. Subscription / maintenance beyond that needs to be purchased separately. Ongoing subscription / maintenance then provides the following benefits:

  • Ability to run any version of ARUtils, i.e., 2012 onwards

  • Ability to run any current build of ARUtils. New builds are created frequently; Sometimes a few each day, sometimes one a month.

  • Free network licensing and the ability to change license servers

  • Unlimited Help via email / phone

  • Request new features. Usually a 24 hour turn around

  • Fast response to bugs. Usually a 24 hour turn around

Once subscription / maintenance expires you can still run any version of ARUtils that you had FOREVER, you simply will not be able to run new builds of ARUtils.

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