ARWatchDog logs computer processes as they start and end. Find out who is using software and how often.

ARWatchDog - Unlimited License

AU$1,000.00 Regular Price
AU$500.00Sale Price
  • ARWatchDog logs computer processes as they start and end. By doing this you can have definitive data on:

    • User usage of software products
    • Computer usage of software products
    • How long users use products
    • When are the peak times for product usage
    • Maximum products in use and how often
    • Duration of maximum product usage

    You can track one or mulitple software products, the choice is entirely yours.

    Our Analyse routine allows you to quickly consolidate the data and achieve indepth understanding of how your users, computers, and software products are used.

    The software is designed with the Manager in mind. Altering licensing and product monitoring can all be done via simple central management.

    As with all our products pricing is designed for the budget conscious. You will never need to spend more that $1000AU to monitor all your computers and users.

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