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5 Licenses of ARUtils - Head of the Family - $2,231 + $829 Subscription / Maintenance for 12 Months

5 Pack of ARUtils - Head of the Family

  • ARUtils - Head of the Family provides all the functionality of ARUtils - Leader as well as batch processing of family files. With our 5 pack you get exceptional value. All 5 licenses provide full Head of the Family functionality at a cost of just 50% of the individual pricing. For more information about different versions check out the version comparison document.

    Subscription / Maintenanceentitles you to all updates for the next year. ARUtils - HotF can be run in Revit 2012 onwards.

    Licenses are networked and can be checked in and out with great flexibility. Running multiple versions fo Revit on the one computer only consumes a single license. All licenses are non expiring.

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